Securly Introduces Safe AI Tool to Support Student Learning

  • Lindbergh’s Teaching and Learning team has been researching tools to provide students with appropriate access to Artificial Intelligence (“AI”) resources, while also ensuring student data privacy, supporting academic integrity and keeping students safe online.

    AI Chat for Securly Filter is a conversational AI tool that is designed specifically for K-12 student use, and we are excited to introduce it to students beginning on April 29. Lindbergh Schools already uses Securly monitoring and filtering tools to keep students safe online. AI Chat operates like other generative AI tools such as Chat GPT, but it gives schools the ability to set parameters about how the AI will respond.

    Throughout the school year, Lindbergh teachers have participated in professional learning about AI, and they are being provided specific instruction about AI Chat for Securly Filter as well.

    Key Features of AI Chat for Securly Filter:

    • Our district is able to set specific guidelines on how the AI responds to student inquiries, ensuring content is appropriate and educational.

    • Administrators can view chat logs and summaries to monitor usage and guide student interactions.

    • AI Chat is compliant with major privacy laws like GDPR and COPPA, ensuring all student data is protected and encrypted, with no third-party sharing.

    Benefits for Students and Educators:

    • Students can engage with AI to ask questions and conduct research within a controlled environment, enhancing their learning experience.

    • The tool is designed to teach students ethical digital practices and responsible AI use, crucial skills in today’s digital world.

    • AI Chat helps familiarize educators with AI technologies, and provides tools to integrate AI into their curriculum effectively.