• BYOD (Bring Your Own Device)

    Since January of 2011, students at LHS have had the opportunity to bring their own WiFi device and access the Internet at school. Throughout any day, we have observed many students take advantage of the Students WiFi network.  We continued the project by expanding the Student Internet access to other schools since 2011-2012.  To learn more about Lindbergh's BYOD, please follow the link on the left side navigation menu.  There you will find information that will assist you in making purchasing decisions, as well as a link to one of our vendors that is extending educational pricing to our Lindbergh community.

    Lindbergh WebNetwork Cloud Site

    Lindbergh staff and students are now able to start accessing Lindbergh School resources from home or elsewhere through the use of Stoneware's private cloud systems called WebNetwork.  Lindbergh's Cloud is accessible here.  We will add more online resources as we move through the school year and as the need arises.  Access the system with the current Microsoft Active Directory user credentials.

    Please route any feedback to the Technology Department via email or phone.

    Technology About Us

    Lindbergh Schools understands that technology is part of everyone's daily lives.  Therefore, it is also part of our daily use in our classrooms and offices.  Our students and teachers are continually working on improving their technology skills and their application to learning as well as exploring new opportunities where technology can give our students an edge.  The technology department supports the use of technology in all district departments.  We provide services that enable the district to select, implement, and maintain the highest technology standards possible. 

    The Lindbergh Schools Technology Department provides technical support to all district staff and students. This site provides additional support information and valuable links to department resources and other external sites.

    The Technology Department has operated since 1993 as a spin off from the Data Processing Department.  Since then, the department has grown and transformed from a single person operation to its current support level.  The Department includes District Support Staff and Building Support Staff.