Current Plan Will Hurt Students and Residents

  • Lindbergh Schools serves more than 6,300 students from nine different communities, and we believe community support is essential in creating successful educational environments. We all want the Crestwood Mall property to thrive, but not at the expense of Lindbergh students and residents.

    In April, district administrators met with Crestwood City Administrator Mark Sime to review UrbanStreet’s proposal for the mall property, which includes 225 apartments funded by Tax Increment Financing (TIF) and other tax incentives. We shared our concern that a residential development funded by tax incentives would bring additional students into an already overcrowded district, without the necessary additional tax dollars to educate them.
    We are also concerned that residential property produces no jobs, no sales tax and no revenue for the city and the school district. Click here to view the redevelopment proposal.

    We are asking ALL Lindbergh residents to learn about the mall proposal, share the facts with your friends and neighbors, and take action to ensure our students’ best interests are considered throughout this process.