Volunteering at Lindbergh

  • Thank you so much for your interest in volunteering at Lindbergh Schools! Your time truly enhances our students’ experience in countless ways. 

    As part of our ongoing effort to protect and provide the safest environment for our students, in accordance with Board Policy GBEBC, Lindbergh Schools requires volunteers who may work with children closely, or have unsupervised contact with them, to have a background check. This background check must be updated at least every five years.

    Lindbergh currently has three different volunteer levels, depending on the amount of interaction with students. Level Two and Three require a background check form to be completed and turned in at least three weeks prior to volunteering. In all instances, the building principal approves volunteer requests and can decline any offer at his or her discretion.

    The volunteer background form can be found below. Please print and turn it in to your building secretary. Please do not mail it in to the company. By turning in a background check form, you are agreeing to follow the policies, procedures and other rules established by Lindbergh Schools.

    Level One: Volunteering once or twice, with no supervision responsibilities

    This might include a class party where a teacher or other staff is always present. This volunteer is considered a visitor and no background check is necessary.

    Level Two: Working with children closely

    Level Two activities include any unsupervised or volunteer experiences that would allow regular contact with students. This includes but is not limited to mentoring, field trips or ongoing volunteer positions. Lindbergh Schools will complete a criminal background check, a check with Missouri Department of Social Services, Children’s Division, and any other background check deemed necessary to ensure the safety of our students. The volunteer background forms must be complete, including full social security number, birthdate and signature. This information will be kept confidential and only used for the background check.

    Level Three: Driving

    Along with Level Two’s background check, a driver’s license check will be completed for traffic related offences. Volunteers must include their driver’s license number on the background form AND the supervising staff member must request this background check in order for it to be completed.

    For questions about volunteer opportunities, please see your school's website. Your building secretary can let you know if you need a new background checkFor questions about the background check procedure, please contact Kim Gabrian in Human Resources at kimgabrian@lindberghschools.ws.
    Thank you so much for your time and hard work!