Student Transportation

  • Lindbergh Schools has partnered with First Student to provide transportation services for all students living within district boundaries in a safe, economic and efficient manner. This includes transportation to and from school, as well as school-related events and activities.
    Missouri state statutes and regulations govern K-12 student transportation routes and funding. In addition, Lindbergh utilizes routing software to determine the most efficient routes for buses to travel, and routes are approved by the Board of Education each year.
    Lindbergh's bus ridership averages 2,939 student per day, with 39 buses completing 55 two-tiered routes. Last year, Lindbergh buses traveled more than 436,000 miles.

Contact Information

  • Lisa Lawson, First Student Location Manager, 314-638-4500, ext. 300
    For Special School District transportation information, please call 314-989-7563 or 314-989-7561.

Transportation Procedures

  • Bus Routes

    Bus routes developed for the first day of school are created using information submitted to the transportation office via Lindbergh’s Student Information System. The SIS Portal information includes student address, transportation address and school assignment. Pickup and drop-off times are approximate, and families should allow 10 minutes of flexibility from the scheduled pickup and drop-off times. Students should arrive at the designated stop at least five minutes before their scheduled pickup time.

    Late Buses

    If your student’s bus is running more than 15 minutes late, First Student will send text message and phone call notifications via Lindbergh’s mass notification system. For immediate assistance, please contact First Student at 314-638-4500, ext. 300.

    New Students and New Addresses

    Bus assignments for new students and new addresses may take 3-5 schools days for regular enrollment, and up to 10 school days for enrollment in special education programs. Stop requests are processed in the order in which they are received, with an emphasis on student safety. Same-day bus service for new students and new addresses is not possible. If a new stop has to be created and existing drop-off times are changed, three additional days may be required to ensure adequate communication to all families impacted by the changes. Families are responsible for transportation until a permanent bus stop is established.

    Transportation Change Requests

    For the safety and welfare of all students, transportation change requests must be submitted in writing to the student’s school office. Please do not submit change requests to the bus driver or transportation office. Address changes must be submitted through the school office, and a two-week notice before the address changes is preferred. Address changes cannot be scheduled until the transportation office receives an updated student record, which will include the new transportation address and school assignment, if applicable. The transportation office does not have the ability to make address changes.