Inclusion, Equity and Diversity

  • Lindbergh Schools is committed to creating and maintaining a welcoming, equitable and inclusive environment that is reflective of and celebrates our diverse student population. We strive to uphold high academic standards for all students through culturally responsive classroom instruction, professional learning and sustainable relationships with community stakeholders.

    Leadership and Partnerships

    Lindbergh's efforts in inclusion, equity and diversity are led by our Teaching and Learning department, in cooperation with our Equity and Diversity Committee. We have also partnered with Educational Equity Consultants (EEC) for additional guidance and support.

    Since 2001, EEC has worked with more than 3,000 school leaders in the areas of equity, diversity and inclusion. EEC's Leadership and Racism Program explores how our own attitudes about race and racism might be limiting student achievement.

    Through a process of challenging introspection and reflection, educators learn to identify behaviors and policies that adversely affect how students see themselves and their potential to succeed in school. Most importantly, participants develop ways to alter or eliminate those behaviors, and build positive strategies for their schools and districts to adopt.

    Lindbergh's partnership with EEC began in the spring of 2019 with training for our entire administrative leadership team. A second group, consisting of building equity representatives, instructional design coaches and district family members, will begin training in the summer of 2020.

    In addition to EEC, our elementary and middle school instructional design coaches participated in the Crossroads Analyzing and Understanding Systemic Racism workshop.