Lindbergh Schools Foundation

  • The Lindbergh Schools Foundation is an independent, 501(c)3 non-profit organization dedicated to supporting Lindbergh Schools’ commitment to excellence in all facets of education.

Our Mission

    • Endow and administer funds that award scholarships to Lindbergh High School students.
    • Support programs and projects in Lindbergh Schools that enhance the educational experience for students.
    • Strengthen the bond between Lindbergh Schools, its alumni and the Lindbergh community.

Our History

  • The Foundation was founded in 1998 by a group of Lindbergh parents who shared a strong commitment to education, the Lindbergh Schools and especially to the students of the Lindbergh Schools. They had the foresight to envision a time when traditional sources of funding for public education would no longer be adequate to meet increasingly more complex educational challenges.

    The founding board realized that additional resources for significant funding would be needed to maintain the high level of excellence that had long been a trademark of the Lindbergh Schools. The commitment was then made to lead the effort to raise those additional funds.


  • The first efforts of LSF were directed toward funding college scholarships for Lindbergh High School seniors. Over the years, the Foundation Scholarship program of the Foundation has expanded to include the financial management and administration of 42 scholarships established in the name of Lindbergh administrators, teachers, coaches or alumni, in addition to the original Foundation General Scholarship.

Innovation Grants

  • The Spirit of Lindbergh Fund and the Spirit of Lindbergh Innovation Grants programs were established to encourage and support the efforts of district teachers who propose innovative projects to engage their students in more creative and exciting ways.

    Since beginning our teacher grants programs on January 1, 2008, 524 Lindbergh teachers have received grants of up to $500, totaling more than $207,000.

    Please visit the Lindbergh Schools Foundation website for more information.