Camp Ignite at Concord Elementary School

  • LEGO robotics, Minecraft, digital art, and app creation are just a few of the hands-on STEAM activities available for students to enjoy during Camp Ignite at Concord Elementary School. At Camp Ignite, we believe in the power of imagination, creativity and innovation.
    camp ignite camp ignite camp ignite
    Our mission is to encourage science, technology, engineering, art and mathematics learning experiences through the design and construction of physical objects. This summer's camp will include:
    • Learn the basics of coding
    • Explore elements of computer science

    Digital Art
    • Learn how to take and edit digital pictures
    • Create music 
    • Participate in project based lessons

    Movie Making 101

    • Develop a LEGO movie
    • Use stop motion animation to develop their own scene with characters, setting and a storyline

    Build Your Own Arcade Game
    • Design and create an arcade game
    • Explore circuitry with electronic components

    Minecraft EDU
    • Explore the basics of Minecraft in an open-world game 
    • Create, collaborate, and problem solve in an immersive environment

    Highly trained Lindbergh educators will lead the maker activities, which have been designed to support student development, especially in the area of science. Students will engage in making predictions, designing, testing, revising and retesting their project designs. On the last day of camp, students will have an opportunity to share their awesome creations.
    camp ignite