• lscanvas.com is only for students. This link will not allow parents/caregivers access to Canvas.
    • lsparents.com - is only for parents/caregivers. Students will not be able to use this link to access Canvas. 


    What is Canvas?

    Canvas is our Learning Management System that supports teaching and learning by connecting all our digital tools in one place. This connection empowers the teacher to transform the learning experience for students by making it more personalized, engaging, and collaborative.

    Students can check their course calendars, access materials, and turn in assignments to name just a few key features.

    Parents/Caregivers will be able to access the course calendars in one place allowing them to see the many events that happen throughout the week such as when assignments are due. 

    Getting Started as an Observer/Parent

    You will need:

    • a computer/phone
    • your child logged into their Canvas account on a different device

    Parents/Caregivers can access their child's Canvas account to view assignments, grades, and resources. You must have your child present as they will need to generate a code for you. You can watch the video below or print this guide to help you with connecting accounts.

    Please be aware of being an observer in Canvas is similar to looking out the window of a plane, you can see the ground but you can't make out a ton of details. There will be times when you get a notification on your phone when you click it will give you a 503 error. This happens because you do not have a Lindbergh email account, Canvas and Google limit what you can see. If you need to see everything we recommend logging into Canvas using the child's account.

    For additional support, please refer to the Canvas Parent App guides or the Canvas Observer Guides.

    Canvas - Parent Overview



    Canvas Parent App

    The app is a streamlined view of Canvas that will allow you fast access to things like the calendar and announcements. The only way to gain full access to Canvas is to access it using your child's account.

    How to download the Canvas Parent app on Android or iOS.

    Canvas - Student Overview

    If you are curious to see Canvas through the eyes of a student, watch this short overview.