Bring Your Own Device

  • Lindbergh students use technology every day to connect with a new generation of learning opportunities. For many students, this already means bringing their own devices to school. We are proud to be a leader in digital instruction, and we encourage every student to take advantage of the opportunity to bring their own device.
    Which device is best for my student?
    Lindbergh recommends three types of devices that are most compatible with our curriculum and wireless network: cloud-based laptops, tablets and laptopsClick here for more information.
    Concord Sappington LHS
    Lindbergh has hundreds of classrooms equipped with the latest digital tools, and our teachers are trained to utilize these interactive resources. Students can now use cloud-based laptops, tablets and laptops to perform tasks that once required books, pencils and papers.
    Our Wi-Fi enabled campuses allow students to:
    • Use enhanced textbooks with links to additional resources
    • Annotate and mark their own digital textbooks
    • Collaborate with classmates on documents and presentations
    • Submit paperless assignments through Edmodo, Google Classroom and Moodle
    • Read e-books from Overdrive and Storia

    LHS Kennerly Sappington