Dates and Times

  • The annual window for new facility use applications opens:

    • June 1 for fall and winter activities (Sept. 1-March 31)

    • Nov. 1 for spring activities (April 1-May 31)

    • March 1 for summer activities (June 1-Aug. 15)

    Applications will be accepted but may not be approved until all district activities have been scheduled, which typically occurs around the last week of November for fall and winter activities, and the last week of March for spring and summer activities.

    Hours of Operation

    District facilities are generally available for evening use from 6-8:45 p.m. and prior to 8 a.m. only if it does not interfere with the preparation for the school day. The period during which a facility may be used is stated on the permit and must end at the time indicated. Only the spaces specified in a permit confirmation may be used. Unauthorized use of areas or equipment will be cause for revocation of permit.

    Inclement Weather

    When district facilities are closed because of inclement weather or emergency, they will be closed for the entire day. Facilities reserved for after-school use will not be available. To find out if district facilities are closed, please call 314-729-2480.