Group C Fees

  • The Group C fees listed below are hourly unless otherwise noted.  A two-hour (2) minimum is required for all weekday reservations that are after normal building hours. A three-hour (3) minimum is required for all weekend reservations. In the event of a no-show, the facility will remain open 30 minutes after the scheduled event start time.

    Custodial Fees

    During normal school hours, when a custodian is in the building, there is no charge for custodial services. After normal school hours, when a custodian is not in the building, there will be a charge of $39.00 per hour. Custodial fees will begin 30 minutes prior to the time access to the facility is requested and will end 30 minutes after the event is completed.


    • Small Grass Field (Concord, Long Back Field): $10.00
    • Large Grass Field: $20.00
    • Classroom: $25.00
    • Areas Not Listed Below: $25.00
    • Custodial or Security: $39.00

    Elementary Schools

    • Small Gym (Crestwood, Kennerly, Long): $30.00
    • Large Gym (Concord, Dressel, Sappington: $60.00
    • Cafeteria (Concord, Dressel, Sappington): $30.00
    • Library: $35.00

    Middle Schools

    • Small Gym: $30.00
    • Large Gym: $60.00
    • Cafeteria: $40.00
    • Library: $35.00
    • Theater: $56.00

    High School

    • Small Gym: $60.00
    • Large Gym: $75.00
    • Multipurpose Room: $30.00 for 1/2 and $60 for full
    • Cafeteria: $50.00
    • Commons: $50.00
    • Lindbergh Room: $50.00
    • Library: $50.00
    • Turf Field: $130.00

    High School Auditorium

    • Weekday: $165.00
    • Weekend: $217.00
    • Technician: $33.00 per technician (may require more than one)
    • Site Supervisor: $39.00

    A three-hour (3) minimum is required for all auditorium reservations. The auditorium control room is not available for use. A technician is required to operate all auditorium equipment.

    High School Pool

    • Half Pool: $72.00
      • Weekday evenings only, must rent full pool on weekends
    • Full Pool: $144.00
      • Weekday evenings only
    • Weekend Swim Meet
      • $3,043.00 per event, per day

    High School Pool Notes

    • Lindbergh Schools DOES NOT provide lifeguards as part of the rental agreement. All groups are responsible for providing licensed lifeguards based on the number of people in the pool.

    • Custodial fees apply after normal building hours.

    • Rentals for swimming and diving groups are for use of half of the pool area. Two swimming groups may each have five (5) lanes and use the pool at the same time.

    • Diving groups using the pool only need a maximum of four (4) lanes for diving. A swimming group sharing time with a diving group may have 6-7 lanes available for swimming.

    • The event fee for a weekend swim meet is based on a 12-hour day. The fee includes two (2) custodians and one (1) site supervisor. Final cost is based on the size, complexity and duration of the meet.

    • Meet costs for non-standard hours will be evaluated, and final cost is based on the size, complexity and duration of the meet.