Gymnastics, Cheer, & Dance

  • Enjoy a variety of Gymnastics, Cheer & Dance programs for all levels! Gymnastics provides a safe environment for aspiring gymnasts to learn new skills and have fun with friends! Learn the foundations of the sport and be introduced to all the equipment, including bars, beam, trampoline, and vault. Start off your littlest one with parent-child gym time and advance your way through a variety of classes, or check out our competitive team levels!

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    Gymnastics Team
  • Dress Code

    Preschool through Pre-team gymnasts can wear a leotard or a t-shirt (fitted not oversized) and gym shorts to class.  Team girls must wear leotards.

    Shoes and socks must be taken off before gymnasts step on to the blue floor for class. If your gymnast is wearing tights, they must be footless. If wearing a two-piece outfit, the belly cannot be exposed. 

    All long hair must be tied back for class.

    The list below are dangerous items and should not be worn to class.

    1)    Zippers of any kind

    2)    Buttons

    3)    Jewelry (excluding small post earrings)

    4)    Ties on clothing

  • Location

    ECE West (South Entrance)
    9011 Robyn Rd.
    St. Louis, MO 63126
    Look for the Green & Gold Community Ed Awning
     Building Pic