PEGS Curriculum Overview

  • The PEGS curriculum encompasses learning objectives of the State of Missouri as well as those of the Lindbergh Schools and the Pattonville School District, thereby ensuring that students have mastered expected core competencies.

    The differentiated curriculum uses a carefully selected multi-text approach and an enriching curriculum that emphasizes accelerated content, real-life problem-solving, creative production, and higher-level thinking skills.  Students progress through the curriculum based on their demonstrated mastery of skills.

    PEGS curriculum assures mastery of the basic knowledge and skills contained in the frameworks of the school districts housing the program. PEGS provides an accelerated and enriched curriculum for exceptionally gifted students based on the following principles:

    • Accelerated learning through curriculum compacting
    • Advanced training in critical and creative thinking skills
    • Research skills
    • Creative production of projects based on topics of special interest to students
    • Special assistance with social and emotional growth
    • Age-based fine arts and physical education programming

    A PEGS Handbook is available upon request. Please contact Cathie Page at for a PDF version of this document.