LEAP Program Overview

  • LEAP's mission is to prepare students for success by building an awareness of real-world issues, integrating the use of technology, developing problem-solving abilities and emphasizing the application of creative and critical thinking strategies to examine ideas from multiple perspectives.

    Elementary School LEAP

    Identified students in grades 1-5 attend classes at the LEAP Center, located at the Idea Center, located on the Lindbergh High School Campus.  Students participate in the program one day each week. Elementary school LEAP curriculum consists of thematic, multidisciplinary units that encourage exploration and investigation, critical thinking, problem solving and creativity.

    Middle School LEAP

    Middle school students in grades 6-8 are scheduled for LEAP instruction in the gifted classrooms of Sperreng Middle School and of Truman Middle School. Middle school LEAP curriculum consists of thematic, multidisciplinary units that encourage the skills of creative thinking, critical thinking, research and leadership.

    High School LEAP

    The high school gifted program offers students grade level seminars and an elective class option. Students are also encouraged to frequent the gifted resource room to seek out guidance from the gifted specialist, and utilize college resources and other reference materials. High school gifted curriculum focuses on students initiating and completing investigations that relate to their own interests, talents and abilities.

    This curricular framework provides for flexibility and choice. Students are encouraged to develop approaches to all course material that best suit their individual needs and academic, social or personal goals.

    A LEAP Handbook is available upon request. Please contact Cathie Page at cpage@lindberghschools.ws for a PDF version of this document.