LEAP Student Identification

  • LEAP is a state-assisted program and therefore must comply with state guidelines. Students are assessed in the following categories to determine possible eligibility for gifted services:

    Intellectual Ability

    Intellectual ability is measured using a Department of Elementary and Secondary Education approved scale of intelligence. The typical score for students who qualify is in the 95th percentile.

    Academic Ability

    Academic ability is measured using a nationally norm-referenced test with a score in the 95th percentile (or higher) in the reading and/or math subtest, with a minimum score at the 84th percentile in the other subtest (math or reading).

    Other Evidence as Determined by the District

    Families and teachers may complete a referral questionnaire addressing the student’s creativity, problem-solving and perceived aptitude for advanced learning.

    Targeted Identification Pathway

    In order to ensure program equity, and to comply with Missouri Department of Elementary and Secondary Education recommendations, a targeted identification pathway has been developed for individuals traditionally underrepresented in gifted education.  Please contact the Gifted Education Coordinator for more information.