Transportation Change Requests

  • The following conditions must be met to receive approval:

    • The request is not temporary but a predetermined set schedule on a consistent basis for the current school year
    • The daycare pickup or drop-off request must be on route within the school attendance area
    • The alternate route must be located in the same attendance area as the verified residency of record for the student
    • The request does not cause the bus route to exceed bus capacity

    Alternate route services may be discontinued if:

    • The bus capacity limit is reached with non-alternate route students
    • The student receives a misconduct slip

    Transportation change requests must be submitted via email to transportation@lindberghschools.wsDo not submit the change request form to the bus driver or transportation office. A two-week notice before the address changes is preferred.

    Address changes cannot be scheduled until the transportation office receives an updated student record, which will include the new transportation address and school assignment, if applicable. The First Student transportation office does not have the ability to make address changes.