Frequently Asked Questions

  • How does Lindbergh determine bus stop locations?

    The Lindbergh Schools Transportation Department is diligent to consider all factors when preparing and updating school bus routes. The top priority is always the safety of students.

    Other factors include:

    • Bus routes developed for the first day of school are created using information submitted to the transportation office via Lindbergh’s SIS Portal.
    • Bus routes are not always the same from year-to-year.
    • It is common for bus routes to be adjusted after a new school year begins to accommodate new students, bus over-crowding, or to make routes more effective and efficient.
    • Allowable distance to bus stop from home is:
      • 3/10 mile for elementary students
      • 5/10 mile for secondary students
    • Buses are routed only down streets, roads, and highways deemed safe and those which provide a sufficient and safe turn-around.
    • Stops are generally located at corners or intersections, which is a safe option due to the slowing of traffic. The designated area for the bus stop must be within a bus length to the corner, which is approximately 40 feet.
    • Cul-de-sacs are generally avoided as a standard-size passenger bus requires a 115-foot radius to safely turn.
    • Private roads are avoided because they may not be maintained reliably and require permission from the owners to travel them. The road must be wide enough for the bus and oncoming traffic to safely pass each other at any point in the road and also provide for safe visibility.
    • Adjustments are made to bus routes when an area and/or conditions are deemed unsafe or hazardous. 

    What time should my student be at the bus stop?

    Pickup and drop-off times are approximate, and families should allow 10 minutes of flexibility from the scheduled pickup and drop-off times. Students should arrive at the designated stop at least five minutes before their scheduled pickup time.

    How will I know if my student's bus is delayed?

    Lindbergh is now using the FirstView app to communicate bus information with families in real time, including your student’s pickup and drop-off times, and any delays or notifications. FirstView allows you to track your student’s bus location, set alerts and receive updates in the event of a delay. Learn more about the FirstView app here.

    If I am new or move during the school year how will I know what bus to ride?

    Proof of residency is required before a student can be assigned to a Lindbergh bus route. Once residency is verified, new students and new addresses will take 3-5 schools days for regular enrollment, and up to 10 school days for enrollment in special education programs. Stop requests are processed in the order in which they are received, with an emphasis on student safety. Same-day bus service for new students and new addresses is not possible. If a new stop has to be created and existing drop-off times are changed, three additional days may be required to ensure adequate communication to all families impacted by the changes. Families are responsible for transportation until a permanent bus stop is established.

    What is the state law regarding the placement of bus stops?

    Missouri law requires that all bus stops be a minimum of 500 feet apart. Under state law, students living more than three and one-half miles from school must be provided transportation services.

    May I request that my bus stop in front of my home?

    School bus drivers do not have the authority to change bus routes or student stops. A school bus driving by a home does not warrant adding or changing a stop. Making additional stops in front of individual homes and driveways will make the overall student time on the bus longer.

    Requests to modify or add bus stops will be considered for safety reasons only. This includes stops along hazardous streets where speed limits are above 25 MPH and sidewalks do not exist.

    How do bus drivers select routes?

    Bus drivers are assigned to routes by a bidding procedure that is based on multiple factors. The focus is to ensure an experienced, highly qualified school bus driver for every route.​

    May I request a route stop other than to/from student’s legal place of residence?

    Yes, for the safety and welfare of all students, transportation change requests must be submitted in writing to the student’s school office. Please do not submit transportation change requests to the bus driver or transportation office. Address changes must be submitted through the school office, and a two-week notice before the address changes is preferred. Address changes cannot be scheduled until the transportation office receives an updated student record, which will include the new transportation address and school assignment, if applicable. The transportation office does not have the ability to make address changes.