2023-24 Adopted Budget

  • Each year, the district's budget development is guided by a hybrid zero-based budgeting process, which examines expenditures line-by-line to find efficiencies and reduce waste. In addition, the district allows principals and district leaders to request the ability to carry over funds from one budget year to the next. This allows leaders to save for larger purchases that benefit students.

    The 2023-24 Adopted Budget includes $93.4 million in operating revenues and $94.9 million in operating expenditures, $16.6 million in debt revenue and $9.5 million in Prop R expenditures. It was approved by the Lindbergh Schools Board of Education on June 29,2023.

    If you have any questions, please contact Joël Scheible, chief financial officer, at 314-729-2400, ext. 8500 or joelscheible@lindberghschools.ws.

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