Tax Rates

  • The Lindbergh Schools Board of Education voted on Sept. 15 to approve a 2022 blended tax rate that includes the lowest possible residential tax rate in the state of Missouri. The board voted 6-0 to approve a blended tax rate not to exceed of $3.9322 per $100 of assessed valuation for 2022, an increase from the 2021 blended tax rate, which was $3.8276. (Board Secretary Megan Vedder was not in attendance.)

    2022 Operating Tax Rates

    • Residential Real Estate: $2.7500 (no change)
    • Agricultural Real Estate: $2.9124 (increase of $0.0308)
    • Commercial Real Estate: $3.6847 (increase of $0.3479)
    • Personal Property: $3.6944 (no change)

    2022 Debt Service Rate

    The debt service fund is mandated to be used exclusively for the retirement of long-term debt from voter-approved bonds, such as Prop R. This rate is also set by state statute. Lindbergh’s debt service levy remains unchanged at $0.8330.

    Calculate Your Estimated Taxes

    Find out what portion of your tax dollars go to your local school district by using the district's tax rate calculator below. This is an estimate only and does not include taxes paid to any other taxing districts, including but not limited to:

    • Local fire district
    • Special School District
    • Libraries
    • Sewer district
    • Municipal governments

    If you need assistance using the tax rate calculator, please call 314-729-2400, ext. 8500. For general information about the property assessment process, please visit the St. Louis County Assessor website.

    Tax Rate Calculator:

    The Tax Rate Calculator includes the 2022 operating and debt service tax rates.