Report an Incident

  • We teach students how to report a concern at school, whether that is directly to a teacher or administrator, or another trusted adult employee, or by using an anonymous tip line. In addition, Lindbergh teachers, administrators and staff have worked hard to create a culture where students feel safe and comfortable sharing any concern with a trusted adult at school.

    The incident reporting form does NOT automatically collect the email address or identifying information of the reporter. However, including your name and contact information enables school officials to follow up during or after the investigation. This form is automatically sent to the administrator or designee of the appropriate school to begin an investigation into the reported incident.

    If this is an emergency and you need immediate assistance, please call one of the following:

    • Police, Fire and EMS: 911
    • Suicide Hotline: 314-647-4357
    • Behavioral Health Response: 314-469-6644


  • Courage2Report is Missouri’s school violence tipline. It was created to ensure that all students, families, staff and community members have access to a safe and confidential way to report school safety concerns, with a focus on early intervention and prevention through awareness and education.

    The tipline is available 24 hours a day, seven days a week, 365 days a year. All reports are reviewed by trained professionals and sent to the appropriate school and/or law enforcement agency for investigation and follow-up. These reports allow schools and community partners to proactively manage potential risks and increase school safety. There are three ways to report a school safety concern: