Two-Hour Delayed Start

  • Lindbergh Schools has developed a two-hour delayed start schedule that can be used in cases of inclement weather or short-term emergencies. School will continue to be canceled on days when roads are unsafe for travel; however, the two-hour delayed start can be used when roads are clear and safe following morning rush hour. This option allows students to attend school on an abbreviated schedule, and does not require the use of a makeup day later in the school year.

    Two-Hour Delayed Start Schedule

    If the decision is made to operate on a two-hour delayed start, school schedules will be as follows:

    • High School: 9:25 a.m.-2:25 p.m.
    • Middle Schools: 9:40 a.m.-2:40 p.m.
    • Elementary Schools: 10:45 a.m.-3:25 p.m.
    • ECE Full Day: 8:30 a.m.-6 p.m.
    • ECE Part Day: Follow regular schedule

    • Student Transportation: Buses will pick up students two hours later than normally scheduled. Families who have signed a transportation waiver may use student transportation on delayed start days if needed.

    • Before and After Care: Flyers Club before-school care will not be offered. After-school care will be scheduled to operate during normal hours, and a snack will be provided.

    • Food Service: A simplified lunch menu will be offered. Breakfast will not be served.

    • Elementary LEAP: Elementary LEAP will not meet.

    • After-School and Evening Activities: After-school and evening activities will operate as scheduled unless otherwise stated.