Substitute Teaching

  • Interested in becoming a Substitute Teacher for Lindbergh Schools? Apply now!

    Please visit the Employment Opportunities link on the left to access current job postings. Lindbergh's Substitute Teacher job posting will open and close at various times of the year to allow interested candidates to apply. Please check back frequently over the summer and late fall to see if the posting is active. 

    In order to support the sub pool's competitiveness and assistance to Lindbergh Schools, and due to the large volume of sub applicants, we must review resume and certification information and select candidates as needed. An application to this job does not automatically add candidates on to the sub list for Lindbergh Schools. 

    Substitute teachers are expected to take jobs often and be available the majority of the time, especially on Mondays and Fridays. Hired subs are also expected to maintain their non-work day calendar and edit their call time settings through AESOP. All hired subs must have a current Content Sub or teaching certificate. For more information on certifications, please contact DESE or visit their sub certification webpage here.


    Recently hired as Sub at Lindbergh? Welcome to Flyer Nation! 

    You should have received an automatic email from TalentEd Records with your required new hire paperwork tasks. If you didn't get this email, check your spam folder first. Then, you may try manually logging in via the instructions below. Finally, if you cannot log in and access your task list, please contact Melissa Wallace. 

    Here are the steps to sign in and complete the new hire paperwork:

    1. Click this link:
    2. Then click the button that says "Logging in the for the first time?"
    3. Enter your email and they will send you instructions for getting your password
    4. Password must be at least 8 letters long with 1 special character - (Example: Appleton123$)
    5. Confirm your password by typing it again. You can then sign in using your username (full email address) and password that you have created.
    6. Then you should be able to see your task list and begin filling out the new hire paperwork (should you be logged in but not see any tasks, click the three colored bars at the top right hand corner and select "Records").