Medications at School

  • The administration of medication to students during school hours shall be restricted to necessary medication that cannot be given on an alternative schedule. Parents should always administer the first dose of a new medication. Please notify the nurse of new medication or dosage changes.

    For prescription medicine to be administered at school, it must be in a pharmacy container with a label affixed at the pharmacy with the following information:

    • Name of student
    • Name of medication
    • Name of physician
    • Date of purchase
    • Dosage, route and schedule of administration

    In some cases, written orders from the student's physician may be necessary. These orders should be shared with the school nurse as soon as possible.

    Administration of medication to a student when the above conditions are met will be limited to the school nurse or other designated person. The medication must be brought to the nurse’s office by a parent or guardian, and at that time they will sign the Medication Administration Card. Refills of the medication must be brought to the nurse’s office by a parent or adult parent designee.

    For over-the-counter medications administered at school, it must be in an original, unopened container. There must be a written order signed by a licensed care provider that includes the same information as a prescribed medication. Nurses are prohibited by law and district policy from administering homeopathic medications, nutritional supplements and essential oils.

    Parent/guardian may be notified if over-the-counter medicine is administered or if sought by a student but not administered due to nursing judgment. Certain over-the-counter medications can mask pain or other symptoms or delay in diagnosis/treatment of an underlying health problem. The overuse of these medications may also lead to liver damage, kidney damage or gastrointestinal complications.

    The parents/guardians of the student assume responsibility for informing school personnel of any change to the student’s health or medication regimen.