Food Safety

  • The safety and wellness of our staff and students are priorities in Lindbergh Schools. The guidelines below are applied in all schools to help us balance classroom celebrations with our obligation to protect children from food allergens and uphold the district’s commitment to health and wellness.

    • Classrooms should be food-free whenever possible.
      • Students may continue to bring a snack for their own consumption, especially students with an individual health plan.
      • Students are encouraged to bring healthy snacks to promote health and wellness.
      • Parents may be advised to send in snacks for their child without a particular allergen to protect other students with life-threatening food allergies.
      • Careful cleaning of surfaces with soap and water after consumption of food is essential.

    • Class celebrations that include food are limited to three per year. Two food items and one drink may be served at the celebrations and must meet USDA Smart Snack guidelines.

    • Food may not be brought from home for sharing with classmates. This includes personal celebrations like birthdays.

    • Avoid the use of food in the curriculum. If food use is essential as part of the curriculum, teachers will alert students and parents through classroom communication. Teachers will make alternative lesson plans if a student with a known food allergy could be adversely impacted.

    • Find safe and inclusive ways to celebrate without food.

    • Avoid using food as a reward or motivator in the classroom.

    Non-food Celebration Ideas (Zero-cost)

    • Sit by friends
    • Read outdoors
    • Assist classroom teacher or teach the class
    • Have an extra recess
    • Read to a younger class
    • Make deliveries to the office
    • Listen to music while working
    • Eat lunch with a staff member
    • Dance to favorite song/music in the classroom
    • Listen to audiotape/book with a headset
    • Have the teacher perform (singing, magic tricks)

    Non-food Celebration Ideas (Low-cost)

    • Select a paperback book
    • Stickers, pencils, and other school supplies
    • Coupon for a movie theatre
    • Create a mystery pack (notepad, sports cards)