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Board of Education Approves Tax Rates for 2021

Sept. 27, 2021

The Lindbergh Schools Board of Education voted on Sept. 16 to approve a 2021 blended tax rate that is lower than the previous year, and also includes the lowest possible residential tax rate in the state of Missouri. The board voted 7-0 to approve a blended tax rate not to exceed of $3.8276 per $100 of assessed valuation for 2021, a decrease of 20 cents from the 2020 blended tax rate, which was $4.0290.

Setting Tax Rates

Missouri’s Hancock Amendment limits a district’s collection of revenue to the lesser of either the property value increases or the rate of inflation. This year is a reassessment year, which means property owners receive updated assessed values for their homes and businesses. Residential property values in Lindbergh increased on average by 8% this year.

However, the Consumer Price Index, or rate of inflation, increased 1.4%. To hold taxpayers harmless, Lindbergh Schools is rolling back its tax rate as far as state law will allow, to $2.75 per $100 assessed valuation. The only one other school district in St. Louis County with this low of a tax rate is Ladue.

“Property values have increased throughout St. Louis County, not just within the Lindbergh community,” said Chief Financial Officer Joël Scheible. “Even with the increase, we are pleased to be able to keep our taxes low while continuing to provide a high-quality educational experience for our students.”

2021 Tax Rates

  • 2021 Operating Tax Rates
    • Residential Real Estate: $2.7500 (decrease of $0.1202)
    • Agricultural Real Estate: $2.8816 (decrease of $0.3149)
    • Commercial Real Estate: $3.3368 (decrease of $0.3981)
    • Personal Property: $3.6944 (decrease of $0.2152)
  • 2021 Debt Service Levy: $0.8330 (unchanged)

  • Total Blended Tax Rate: $3.8276

St. Louis County districts are required to calculate a single blended rate of the above rates, which is only used to compare Lindbergh with other school districts. The blended operating rate of $3.8276 is a decrease of $0.2014.

Debt Service

The debt service fund is mandated to be used exclusively for the retirement of long-term debt from voter-approved bonds, such as Prop R, and that rate is also set by state statute. Lindbergh’s debt service levy remains unchanged at $0.8330.

The total assessed value of property in Lindbergh for 2021 is $1,694,134,650. The revenue generated, based on 97.5% collection, is $61.5 million.