Mission and Priorities

  • Our Mission:

    Lindbergh Schools is committed to creating and maintaining an equitable and inclusive community of belonging where all stakeholders are treated with dignity. We strive to uphold high academic standards for all students through culturally responsive classroom instruction, professional learning and sustainable relationships with our community.

    Our Priorities:

    • Belonging is the extent to which people feel personally appreciated, validated, accepted and treated fairly within an environment. This must be experienced at every level: interpersonal, institutional and instructional.

    • Dignity is the inherent value and worth that each of us are born with as human beings. We can choose to honor or violate a person’s dignity with every action.

    • Inclusion happens when all students feel like they belong, that their similarities and differences add value, and that they have ownership in opportunities.

    • Equity in education includes honoring the dignity and individualized needs of each child, in order to ensure that all individuals have the supports they need to grow and reach their full potential as students, citizens and human beings.

    • Diversity is the state of having different characteristics and traits in a group or organization. Diversity can take on many forms, both internal and external, and can include physical traits, abilities and opinions.