School Social Workers

  • School social workers are trained mental health professionals with a degree in social work who can assist with crisis management and support services, as well as provide individual and group counseling and therapy sessions. They serve as trusted links between the home, school and community by providing direct and indirect services to students, families and school personnel to support the academic and social-emotional success of all students.

    Lindbergh has three full-time school social workers. Additionally, the Special School District of St. Louis County places social workers throughout the district to partner with staff and families, and directly serve students with Individualized Education Plans. These educational professionals work in partnership to provide students and families with many different services.

    Both Lindbergh and Special School District social workers may participate in special education assessment and planning meetings, prepare a social or developmental history for students with disabilities, assist in developing positive behavioral intervention strategies, and provide counseling (group, individual and/or family sessions).

    In addition, social workers may assist with concerns in a student’s living situation that affect the student’s adjustment in school (home, school and community). They may also mobilize family, school and community resources to enable students to learn as effectively as possible in their educational programs.