Lindbergh Schools History

  • Lindbergh Schools has been responsible for the area’s student education for more than seventy years, but the history of public education in the area goes back even further.

    In 1839, a one-room log cabin was used as the first of several Fenton Schools. Concord would follow suit in 1843, Sappington in 1851, and Rott in 1864. Glendale (Grant) School was built some time later in 1891. None of these schools offered classes beyond eighth grade, so students wishing to further their education would attend one of the other nearby high schools. As school populations began to increase, this plan no longer became feasible, and the area districts came together to provide an alternative.

    In 1949, representatives from Concord, Fenton, Grant, Rott, and Sappington schools all met to discuss the possibility of consolidation. After numerous meetings and a vote, the R-8 Consolidated School District was formed. John Dressel, considered by many to be the “Father of the Lindbergh District,” was elected the district’s first Board of Education president that same year. David Punch, then the principal of Concord School, was also chosen as the district’s first superintendent. In 1957 the district was renamed the Lindbergh School District. In 2009 it was changed once again to its current name, Lindbergh Schools. 

    The first high school classes took place in 1950, using facilities at Sappington School. Ground was broken on a new high school in 1951, and it was completed that same year. The new high school was called Grandview. Its students were the Griffins, and the school colors were maroon and gold. This didn’t stick however, and in 1952 the school’s name was changed to Lindbergh High School. Students would now be known as Flyers, and the school colors would be changed to the green and gold we know today.

    In 2016, plans were put in place to relocate Central Office staff from LHS to a new location in order to make room for more students. That same year, the district purchased the site where local landmark Johnny’s Market once stood. The new building was opened in 2017. From its humble beginnings back in 1949, Lindbergh Schools has now grown to serve more than 7,500 students at 11 different campuses, including one high school, two middle schools, six elementary schools and two early childhood education centers.