Lindbergh Counseling

  • Lindbergh Counseling is an integral part of each school's total educational programming. Our professional staff of school counselors and social workers utilizes a comprehensive, developmental approach to provide academic and social-emotional support for all students. We also partner with trusted counseling professionals and community resources to help students and families in need of additional support.

Counseling Curriculum

  • Classroom lessons and large-group presentations address the three areas of our curriculum - academic development, social-emotional support and career exploration. In addition to special presentations, our counseling staff facilitates student-based activities that encourage positive growth and life-skill training.

Responsive Services

  • Responsive services address the immediate social, emotional and behavioral needs that impact student learning. School counselors provide short-term, solution-focused intervention designed to return the student to the learning environment. Based on grade level, school and student need, school counselors may facilitate small groups, individual intervention or class presentations throughout the year. School counselors also work with families to provide information and referral to community resources and counseling professionals. School counselors work extensively with other school personnel, focusing on the personal, social-emotional and academic success of each student.

Individual Planning

  • Students are individually guided by their school counselors toward academic and career success in a variety of ways. Students, families and staff work with their school counselors to help students establish short- and long-term education and career goals. School counselors also serve as members of the building Multi-Tiered System of Support (MTSS) intervention team to meet the individual needs of students. Career exploration is done at all levels through classroom lessons, guest speakers, career fairs and career portfolios. In grades 9-12, our college and career counselor works with students and families both individually and in larger groups to share postsecondary information about financial aid and testing, as well as college admissions procedures and policies.

System Support

  • System support includes services and management activities that indirectly benefit students. These services include consultation with teachers, participation in the campus-based school improvement plans and goals, and implementation of the state and local standardized testing program. Management activities are required to assure the delivery of a high-quality school counseling program. These activities include program development and management, counselor and staff development, community outreach, and development of appropriate written policies, procedures and guidelines.