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Lindbergh Internship Program: Preparing Students Through Experience

Lindbergh High School has many programs, including the internship program, that allow students to get real-world experience in the field they hope to pursue. The program is part of Lindbergh's Diploma Plus program, which provides students with the opportunity to graduate with more than just a high school diploma


The Internship program is open to juniors and seniors, requiring good attendance and two teacher recommendations. Students also must go through the interview process with their future internship supervisor.


The program's teacher, Michelle Stortzum, serves as a resource and advisor for students. Through her many connections, she helps with things like getting an internship, and internship advice. Every day, during their 7th period, or both 6th and 7th, students in the program go off-site to their internship.


“Learning the day-to-day details about a career is valuable,” Stortzum said. “Sometimes my interns realize it is not what they want to do, which is just as valuable as figuring out what you do want to do for the rest of your career.”


Senior Gabrielle Schraut interns at Collina Digital Marketing, preparing for a career in digital marketing through experience in the field. “Being in an office is different from school,” Gabrielle said.


At her internship, she has jobs like making spreadsheets, tracking content, and planning. Beyond just work, her internship prepares her for the office environment, which requires much communication and planning.


“You have to be able to put yourself out there and communicate with people when you're in an office space,” Gabrielle said. “You need to be comfortable asking questions. Because of that, the program’s definitely helped me a lot.”


“I feel like having this experience, plus a college degree is gonna get me a lot further,” says Gabrielle. 


Student intern Lindsey Pham works with the Lindbergh Schools Foundation. Her internship focuses on public relations, communications, fundraising, and more. Through her internship at the foundation, Lindsey has gained experience in things such as the creation of graphics, letter writing, marketing, PR, and communications.


“I've met a lot of really cool people,” Lindsey said, “ I'm aware of what I can do with those connections and resources I have gathered.”


Though Lindsey is not set on the career she wants to pursue, she is interested in the idea of gaining experience in the professional workplace and building relationships with people in similar careers she's interested in.


“I think it's a really good way to learn more insight into what you want to learn, or what you're trying to go for and what you're striving for,” she said.


This story and video were created by LHS junior and Lindbergh Communications Department intern Sebastian Rosas.