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Technology Advisory Committee Update: April 22, 2024

April 22, 2024

The final Technology Advisory Committee met on April 22, 2024, at Lindbergh High School to tour the high school's dedicated drone aviation space The Hangar. The Hangar space is a landscaping shed turned drone aviation space. It's still a work in progress, but the hope is the space will be fully converted into lab space for continued student use.

Droege also gave updates about the school's drone soccer program. LHS hopes to secure grant money to get the program off the ground. Droege also showed off one of the industry standard flight simulators that will be moved out of The Hangar and into the drone aviation classroom space.

After touring the space, Droege and Chief Academic Officer Dr. Tara Sparks answered questions from the committee about the drone aviation program.

Sonia Kesselring, Lindbergh Schools Technology Support Specialist, presented to the group about the process they've gone through in selecting technology and tools that collect student data. She covered the risks associated with using such technology that they had to consider. She also broke down the ways she and her colleagues are working to mitigate the risks involved. After presenting to the committee, Sparks and Kesselring asked for any questions or feedback.

Dominic Jaggie, Executive Director of Technology, wrapped up the meeting by giving other updates concerning the technology department. The department recently updated its leases for the district's iPads and Chromebooks, meaning devices at both the middle school and high school levels will receive a refresh. Jaggie also talked to the group about AI Chat for Securly, a beta version of the filter service the district currently uses. It will be opened on May 29, 2024 for student use.

Following the conclusion of the meeting, Sparks thanked the committee members who were taking part in their final meeting as part of the Technology Advisory Committee.