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Facilities Advisory Committee Update: March 6, 2024

Mar. 6, 2024

The March meeting of the Facilities Advisory Committee focused on recent capital improvements in the district and the upcoming Prop R bond issue on the April 2 ballot.

Superintendent of Schools Dr. Tony Lake opened the meeting by sharing a presentation from the January board workshop summarizing capital improvement projects from 2019-2024.

Dr. Lake then shared information about the Prop R bond issue on the April 2 ballot and answered questions from the group. He shared that the district will be hiring two additional architect firms to manage multiple projects simultaneously.

Executive Director of Facilities & Construction Scott Barbagallo provided an update on the district's HVAC systems audit, including corrections that have been made districtwide to help existing systems run more effectively and efficiently. These corrections will help extend the life of these systems until they can be replaced in the future.

The Facilities Planning Advisory Committee will make recommendations about facility needs and improvements, instructional design and district enrollment trends. The committee will also review and update Lindbergh's demographic study every two years.

This committee is chaired by Chief Financial Officer Joel Scheible and Chief Human Resources Officer Dr. Brian McKenney. Meetings will be run by Superintendent Dr. Tony Lake.

The next Facilities Planning Advisory Committee meeting will be in June 2024.