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Steering Committee Continues Strategic Planning Work

Nov. 6, 2023

The Lindbergh Schools Strategic Planning Steering Committee held its second meeting on Wednesday, Nov. 2, to review community data and provide direction on the district’s five-year strategic plan.

Dr. Todd White with Education Governance Leadership Association began the meeting by outlining the Steering Committee’s goals, which are:

  • To learn about the district’s exceptional strengths and significant opportunities
  • To hear the diverse perspectives of stakeholders and gain a deeper understanding of the thoughts of students, staff, parents and community members
  • To use what is learned to create the district’s 2024-29 strategic plan

The committee reviewed qualitative research and thematic findings from EGL’s in-person community engagement meetings, which took place in September and involved more than 400 employees, parents and community members; and an online survey with more than 1,800 responses overall. In addition, Superintendent of Schools Dr. Tony Lake shared preliminary findings from his 2023 Listening and Learning Tour, including the top success measures as ranked by the community, which will guide the work of the district as it moves forward. 

Top success measures ranked by the community include:

  1. Student achievement and growth
  2. High quality teachers
  3. Lindbergh Life Success Skills
  4. Student social and emotional wellbeing
  5. Personalized learning for students and staff
  6. Employee wellbeing and satisfaction

In addition, the committee reviewed community feedback regarding the district’s top strengths and points of pride, what has yet to be accomplished from the current five-year strategic plan, and areas in the district for opportunity and improvement.

The committee agreed that the next five-year strategic plan should include the following priorities, as shared by the community:

  • Consistency (among schools and grade levels) and depth (commitment) of initiative implementation
  • Equitable improvements to schools/facilities
  • Continued commitment to salary and benefits, acknowledging work of the current Board of Education and administration to rank between 5 and 10 among local districts in this area

The Steering Committee’s next meeting will be at 6 p.m., Thursday, Jan. 25. 


View the meeting presentation here:

Steering Committee Meeting No. 2 Presentation