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Facilities Advisory Committee Meeting: October 4, 2023

October 5, 2023

The first Facilities Planning Board Advisory meeting for the 2022-23 school year provided an opportunity to update members on summer capital improvement projects, district enrollment, Prop R construction at Lindbergh High School, and facility plans for a future bond issue.

District capital improvements over the summer included scheduled playground improvements at the Idea Center, painting at Long Elementary School, parking lot improvements at Sperreng Middle School and Lindbergh High School, field improvements as needed districtwide, installation safety bollards at Lindbergh High School (pending parking lot completion), and a study of exterior doors districtwide to plan for phased replacement.

Superintendent of Schools Dr. Tony Lake shared updated photos of Lindbergh High School Prop R construction progress, and also provided committee members with a preview of the district's plans for future building improvements. In April 2024, the district is planning to present a no-tax-rate increase bond issue to residents that would include the following improvements:

  • Safety technology in all buildings Site circulation improvements - all buildings
  • Elementary gymnasiums (Crestwood, Kennerly, Long)
  • Truman Middle School
  • Concord Farmers Club Sperreng, Concord, Sappington remodel
  • Flooring, lighting, roofing updates
  • HVAC improvements

In 2021, Lindbergh Schools purchased the Concord Farmers Club, located next door to Sperreng Middle School. The Prop R 2024 bond issue would support the construction of a farm-to-table agricultural learning center on this site, that would support real-world learning for students in grades K-12. Students from each grade level would visit the farm multiple times each year, and participate in activities that tie in to Missouri Learning Standards.

The Facilities Planning Board Advisory Committee will meet again on Dec. 13.