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2024-29 Strategic Plan: Steering Committee Forms, Community Engagement Begins

September 15, 2023

What will Lindbergh Schools look like in 2029? That is the question the Lindbergh Schools Strategic Plan Steering Committee began considering on Wednesday, Sept. 13.

The Steering Committee gathered for the first of three meetings that will take place during the strategic planning process. This committee will review community feedback, evaluate the district’s current five-year strategic plan, and make a recommendation to the Board of Education in March 2024. 

During the week of Sept. 11-15, Education Governance Leadership Association (EGL) spent more than 120 hours in the district listening to staff, students, teachers, administrators, parents, and community members. More than 100 participants took advantage of these opportunities to meet, converse and share their thoughts. This feedback, along with responses from an online survey that is open to the entire community, will be shared with the Steering Committee in November to begin informing the district’s next five-year plan.

The Steering Committee includes parents, staff, students, local community leaders and business people from across the district. During the first meeting, members focused on Lindbergh’s “Why,” which is “Excellence in Learning. Designing the Future.” They considered areas of success, growth and opportunity in the district’s current five-year strategic plan, and shared ideas for what needs to continue, be improved upon, or stopped in the next five years.

Lindbergh Schools selected EGL as its partner for the strategic planning process during the June 15 Board of Education meeting. The firm visited the district to meet with district administrators and the board for the first time during a day of kickoff meetings, on Aug. 15.

The strategic plan defines the school district’s purpose, outlines strategic goals for the future, and lists core beliefs that are essential to student success. The previous five-year strategic plan is coming to an end after the 2023-2024 school year and will be updated for 2025-2029. The strategic plan’s first draft will be finished in February 2024 according to the timeline, and presented for the board’s approval in March 2024.