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New Student Committee Provides Fresh Input to Board

September 11, 2023

The Board of Education Student Representative Advisory Committee had its first meeting on Aug. 29, in the hopes of hearing district students’ insights and sharing their thoughts and concerns with the Board of Education. 

Adam Spree, founder of the new committee, moderated the meeting on Zoom and created an environment where students in grades 4-8 could feel accepted and comfortable. Adam polled the 70 students present on what they find most important in their schools, and how they feel about school.

“I always just try to kind of level with them,” Adam said “It is always good to stay professional, but I felt that kind of leveling with them ... made it like a more open space for them to voice their opinions to me.”

Adam joined the Board of Education as a new student representative almost two years ago to open his opportunities to learn about school district operations and be a voice for students. Now, Adam opens these opportunities to students within the district. 

“I've always been very passionate about student voice equity in education,” Adam said. “I always want to make sure that whatever I'm reporting to the board is representative of student voice as a whole … giving students a chance to voice their concerns to an upper authority level beyond just their school buildings.” 

Jennifer Miller, president of Lindbergh’s Board of Education, believes it is important that there is student voice in the governing level for the district.

“Having student representation on the Board has allowed the Board to have a connection to our students that does not rely solely on our own children's experiences at Lindbergh Schools,” Miller said. “It has opened the door to new ideas and new information from the student perspective.

“I am excited to hear our elementary and middle school students' opinions on what is happening in their schools. I am positive our students will contribute many ideas on how to improve their school day.”

Adam’s hopes are for the student representative's position to expand, as well as the Student Board Representative Advisory Committee. 

“Student voice is something that hasn't always been present at the district level and in decision-making, and I think … we can definitely expand upon that,” Adam said.

Throughout the 2023-24 school year, Adam will be meeting with students in person at each elementary and middle school, sharing a summary of each meeting in a monthly report to the board.

Story By: Sebastian Rosas, Communications Intern