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Teaching and Learning Board Advisory Committee Update: April 25, 2023

April 25, 2023

During the last Teaching and Learning Board Advisory meeting for the 2022-23 school year, Chief Academic Officer Dr. Tara Sparks reviewed topics that were covered by the committee throughout the year, and shared the Teaching and Learning Department's annual Compass goals for 2023-24.

This year, the committee provided input for priority standards related to health and physical education topics, including nutrition and sex education. They also gave feedback on secondary guidelines for standards-based learning and discussed the district's computer science curriculum. In addition, this committee also provided input for both elementary and middle school supports for reading instruction.

Committee members spent this month's meeting providing feedback on Teaching and Learning's 2023-24 Compass goals. Members divided into groups to discuss authentic experiences, success skills and gifted education programming.

The Teaching and Learning Committee provides input on teaching and learning within Lindbergh Schools. This includes learning about current curriculum and instructional practices as well as future-ready practices for instruction. As a part of this committee, members will provide feedback and suggestions for subjects undergoing curriculum revision as well as input on priorities for student learning.

This committee is chaired by Chief Academic Officer Dr. Tara Sparks, Executive Director of Secondary Education Dr. Ronni Zagora, and Executive Director of Elementary Education Dr. Craig Hamby