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Student Life Committee Update: April 13, 2023

April 19, 2023

Jill Lawson, Lindbergh Schools Executive Director of Assessment and Student Services, reviewed the student life committee's year during the last meeting, held April 13.

Committee members discussed the social-emotional wellbeing assessments that were given to students K-12 in the spring and fall. The discussion turned towards the way the screener's scores can be read and distributed. 

The SEL screeners were utilized twice this school year as part of a pilot program. The new assessment will be used to assess social, emotional and academic skills. The assessments will help identify students who may need intervention, and provide data to help allocate resources throughout the district. Parents are able to opt out of having their child take the screener. 

Students in K-5 were given an assessment through SAEBRS, students at Truman Middle School used Satchel Pulse, Sperreng Middle School students used Panorama. The high school students utilized both Panorama (grades 9 and 12) and Satchel Pulse (grades 10 and 12).

Additionally, members discussed the transition period from middle school to high school and elementary school to middle school. In particular, parents in the meeting said that their students had a tough time dealing with the heightened curriculum and its expectations. Some students discussed how they had a tough time with the more advanced courses at the high school. Everyone agreed that learning strategies might need to be a focus, such as note taking.

This was the conclusion of the committee for this academic year.