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LHS Seniors Earn More Than $100,000 in Scholarships

The Lindbergh Schools Foundation hosted its largest ever Senior Scholarship Night on April 5, awarding $103,000 in total scholarships to 62 deserving seniors.

The Lindbergh Schools Foundation currently manages the funds and/or administers the selection process for more than 75 scholarships that are awarded to LHS seniors each year.  Many of these scholarships are given in recognition and memory of special teachers, administrators, coaches, students and alumni. In addition, the night featured a variety of very generous and special scholarships from Foundation partners, including:

  • LHS Alumni Association: 10 scholarships totaling $14,500
  • Lindbergh Retired Educators: 4 scholarships totaling $6,000
  • Lindbergh Lights the Way: 1 scholarship totaling $500

​Since its inception, the Lindbergh Schools Foundation has helped provide a total of more than $850,000 in scholarship funding to LHS students. Funds are raised through private donations, staff contributions and special funds. Scholarship criteria ranges from a multitude of factors including the following:

  • Overcoming adversity
  • Special financial needs
  • Having a dedicated job
  • Plans to join the military
  • Plans to attend college
  • Plans to attend a vocational school
  • Athletics
  • Community Service
  • Specific school club or activity
  • Special interest or hobby

List of names of scholarship recipients in alphabetical order:

  1. Lauren Abercrombie, Pat Rothkopf Memorial Scholarship
  2. Benjamin Adams, Donald and Shirley Lang Memorial Scholarship
  3. Fatimah Almamori, Stephen Mitchler Memorial Scholarship
  4. Patrick Bartz, Curtis Family Scholarship /  Kennerly PTP Scholarship / Sperreng PTO Scholarship
  5. Althea Bartz-Willis, Curtis Family Scholarship / Gifted Education Legacy Scholarship / LHSAA Scholarship
  6. Lauren Bond, Lindbergh Retired Educators Scholarship
  7. Kelia Bresnan, Ralph E. Barkey Memorial Scholarship
  8. Allison Britt, Lisa Amen Memorial Scholarship
  9. Blair Brose, Lindbergh Schools Foundation Gregston Family Adversity Scholarship
  10. Melissa Calzadillas Almeida, Multilingual Scholarship
  11. Brooke Carson, James Stulce Memorial Scholarship
  12. Kelsey Cochran, Lindbergh Retired Educators Scholarship
  13. Savanah Cox, Lindbergh Schools Foundation Gregston Family Adversity Scholarship
  14. Samuel Dalfrey, Crestwood/Sunset Hills Rotary Club Vocational Scholarship
  15. Emily Dooling, Emmenegger Family Scholarship
  16. Adam Duchek, Austin Driver Memorial Scholarship / LHS PTG Scholarship
  17. Melissa Ellison, Wayne Ashwell Memorial Schoalrship
  18. Andi Elze, Culver's Community Scholarship
  19. Finn Erpelding, Bob Foerstel Memorial Scholarship
  20. Grace Fee, Curtis Kenner Memorial Scholarship / Lindbergh Retired Educators Scholarship
  21. Natalie Ford, Joshua Colter Wagner Memorial Scholarship / Reeve Lindbergh Scholarship
  22. Mishaela Foster, LHS Academy Scholarship
  23. Rachel Guehring, Robert Spiegelman Memorial Scholarship
  24. Jane Guillot-Beinke, Jean Kuczka Memorial Scholarship and Class of 1977 / Robert Spiegelman Memorial Scholarship
  25. Grace Herzog, Hotaling Family Scholarship / P.J. Barbeau Scholars Award / Sperreng PTO Scholarship
  26. Jacqueline Hilton, LHSAA Sharon Hessler Memorial and Class of 1977 / Lindbergh Schools Foundation Adversity Scholarship / Lindbergh Schools Foundation Adversity Scholarship
  27. Klajdi Hysenaj, LHSAA Scholarship
  28. Elizabeth Jackson, Davidson Family Scholarship / James Stulce Memorial Scholarship
  29. Rylee Joy, LHSAA Scholarship / Lindbergh Lights the Way Scholarship
  30. Caitlin Kearns, Pharmax Pharmacy Scholarship
  31. Kathryn Koehler, Emmenegger Family Scholarship / Truman Middle School PTO Scholarship
  32. Camryn Korte, Lindbergh Schools Foundation Adversity Scholarship
  33. Keridon Kreidler, Kris Blakemore Lindbergh Spirit Scholarship
  34. Chinmay Kumar, Crestwood/Sunset Hils Kiwanis Scholarship
  35. Vernon Lin, Crestwood/Sunset Hills Rotary Club Interact Scholarship
  36. Megan Manaj, Crestwood/Sunset Hills Rotary Club Interact Scholarship / Curtis Family Scholarship
  37. Christopher Meyer, Dr. Gene Engelhardt Memorial Scholarship / Robert Spiegelman Memorial Scholarship
  38. Stella Minden, LLQ Scholarship
  39. Abigail Mohn, Frau Conti Scholars Award / LLQ Scholarship
  40. Alice Mungamuri, Long Elementary PTO Scholarship
  41. Elisabeth Murdock, Nancy Benson/Student Council Scholarship
  42. Wolf Nielsen, Coach Stan Mach Memorial Scholarship
  43. Sydney O'Brien, Dr. Jon Engelhardt Memorial Scholarship / LHSAA Scholarship
  44. Maria Opari, LHS PTG Scholarship / Sappington Elementary PTG Scholarship
  45. Catrina Pat, Craig Heuer Memorial Scholarship
  46. Sara Polovina, Crestwood Elementary PTO Scholarship
  47. Catherine Randolph, LLQ Scholarship
  48. Andrew Richardson, Rotary Club Vocational Scholarship
  49. Erin Schimpf, Craig Heuer Memorial Scholarship
  50. Andrew Schraut, Donald and Shirley Lang Memorial Scholarship / LHSAA Scholarship
  51. Alivia Shaver, Arthur and Marie DeGrand Scholarship
  52. Jasmine Sholy, Crestwood/Sunset Hils Kiwanis Key Club Scholarship
  53. Lillian Simpson, LHSAA Scholarship
  54. Vera Skelton, Breakfast Club Scholarship - In Honor of Amy Kaiser / Lindbergh Schools Foundation Adversity Scholarship
  55. Sydney Studer, Pat Rothkopf Memorial Scholarship
  56. Emma Turek, Lindbergh Retired Educators Scholarship
  57. Natalie Van, Curtis Family Scholarship
  58. Elowyn Wells, LHSAA Scholarship
  59. Patrick Willie, Gary Amstutz/Mike Miller Memorial Scholarship
  60. Noah Woepke, Michelle Bauer Nickel Scholarship
  61. Delaney Yocom, LHSAA Scholarship / LLQ Scholarship / Ryan Brinkmann Memorial Scholarship
  62. Sydney Zoeller, Concord Elementary PTG Scholarship / Lauren Cooper Memorial Scholarship