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Facilities Committee Update: March 29, 2023

March 29, 2023

During the Facilities Planning Board Advisory Committee meeting on March 29, Superintendent Dr. Tony Lake provided committee members with an update on Prop R construction progress at Lindbergh High School, and shared information about a new safety tool for staff in the 2023-24 school year called Centegix.

Chief Financial Officer Joel Scheible also updated the committee about the district's energy management efforts along with partner Navitas, which have been in place for the past two years. The district experienced saving during the first year of the program, in addition to significant rebates. During the second year, process changes districtwide helped the district realize even more savings.

Director of Facilities and Construction Scott Barbagallo provided the committee with an update on the district's HVAC audit and development of a master plan to repair and replace equipment using a phased approach.

In addition, Schieble shared that BSI Constructors Inc. has been selected by the Board of Education to partner as Construction Manager at Risk to plan and design Prop R 2024 capital improvements, including a renovated Truman Middle School, the Concord Farmers Club, and separate gymnasiums at Long, Crestwood and Kennerly elementary schools.

Scheible also shared how the district budgets for annual capital improvement needs and reviews building-level requests submitted by school principals.

To close out the meeting, Dr. Lake shared Lindbergh Schools enrollment data, which shows continued growth in grades K-12.

Additional information and data related to these topics is available on Lindbergh's BoardDocs website.

The Facilities Planning Advisory Committee makes recommendations about facility needs and improvements, instructional design and district enrollment trends. The committee also reviews and updates Lindbergh's demographic study every two years.

This committee is chaired by Chief Financial Officer Joel Scheible and Chief Human Resources Officer Dr. Brian McKenney. Meetings are run by Superintendent Dr. Tony Lake.