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State Releases 2022 Annual Performance Reports

March 7, 2023

The Missouri Department of Elementary and Secondary Education has released the statewide Annual Performance Reports (APRs) for the 2021-22 school year. The APR is a one-number metric that is used to define the state’s measure for school effectiveness. 

This year’s APR is associated with the latest version of DESE's school accountability program, which is called the Missouri School Improvement Program 6 (MSIP6). Because this year’s APR has a new and different metric system than the previous APR (MSIP5), school districts cannot compare this year’s score to previous years. 

Lindbergh Schools’ score of 86.7% is based on student growth and academic performance on the Missouri state assessment, and the district’s continuous improvement measures such as a district’s school improvement plan (Lindbergh’s Compass plan), community engagement through climate and culture surveys, student supports such as kindergarten readiness assessments and Individual Career and Academic Planning for students in grades 8-12, and student attendance. 

Overall, students as a whole districtwide met the target or are on track, in every content area that is measured by the Missouri Assessment Program state assessment. In addition, data shows that overall, Lindbergh had average or above average growth in English Language Arts and math content areas. 

“While the APR does not provide school districts with information about individual student growth and academic achievement, it does provide a big-picture snapshot of student performance on the current state assessment,” said Superintendent of Schools Dr. Tony Lake. “The APR score is just one of many data points we use, and while it is accountability centered, it is not student centered. When we examine all of the local measures our district uses to assess student growth and wellbeing, we are very pleased with the results we are seeing.”

Lindbergh measures student achievement multiple times throughout the school year. This allows teachers to receive timely feedback on student learning and personalize instruction in real time. It also allows parents to see their students’ progress throughout the year and empowers students to understand and direct their own learning as well. 

As a leading participant in the Missouri Success-Ready Students Network, Lindbergh is working alongside a large group of school districts to design a better way to measure student growth and achievement, and ensure that every student is prepared for success in college, career and life. This work will also examine the state’s school accountability system to create an approach that is learner centered and supports student success.