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Technology Committee Update: Nov. 7, 2022

Nov. 8, 2022

The Technology Board Advisory Committee discussed data privacy. The committee was led in discussion by Sonia Kesserling, Lindbergh Schools Technology Specialist.

Small groups discussed the importance of data privacy for students. Kesserling answered questions about what kind of data bad actors or outside organizations may access and the methods they use to obtain that data.

Following the discussion, Kesslering went over the procedures Lindbergh Schools has gone through over the last three years to work to protect student data, including a cyber incident response plan and staff cyber security training.

The committee discussed data privacy agreements and the challenges around them. In further discussion, committee members discussed priorities in balancing student data and access to educational resources, including at what point Lindbergh should deny a resource.

The next committee meeting will be held Dec. 12, 2022.