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Audit Report Confirms Lindbergh Commitment to Student Safety

Sept. 19, 2022

Lindbergh Schools is taking necessary steps in its hiring and employment processes to provide a safe learning environment for all students and create a secure workplace for employees as well. These themes were the focus of an independent report presented by HR Innovations LLC to the Board of Education on Sept. 15.

This summer, Lindbergh Schools hired an independent auditor to provide a comprehensive review, process audit and analysis of the district’s current investigation procedures and practices, Title IX compliance, and the policies, procedures and practices the district uses to address reports of sexual harassment/misconduct. Ken Rossics of HR Innovations LLC presented the audit findings to the Board of Education on Sept. 15, focusing on district strengths and opportunities for continued improvement.

During the audit, Rossics reviewed prior information regarding formal complaints received by the district related to sexual harrassment and misconduct. In addition, he reviewed annual mandatory training that is required for all staff and additional training materials for administrators and employees, conducted interviews with district staff, and reviewed employee handbooks and employee group agreements.

“I evaluate many school districts, and Lindbergh is unique in that you go way above and beyond the employee training requirements for policies AC and ACA,” Rossics told the board. “Lindbergh’s administration also should be commended for how they are operating in regard to response and approach to both formal and informal complaints. The current Administrators clearly desire to do what is right and in the best interest of students. Based on the information provided as part of this process audit, both formal and informal complaints are taken seriously and addressed in a forthright and timely manner.”

The district will use the recommendations from this audit to further strengthen staff training sessions as they relate to these areas. 

“This independent audit affirms the strong practices we have in place, and provides us with helpful recommendations to continue to improve upon our procedures in the future,” said Chief Human Resources Officer Dr. Brian McKenney.