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LHS graduate soars over St. Louis sky

June 23, 2022

Look up in the sky! Lindbergh High School graduate Evie Reed, class of 2018, is piloting a plane that will fly over Sappington Road and Interstate Highway 270 today as part of the national 2022 Air Race Classic. 

Reed graduated from Indiana State University (ISU) in May 2022 with a double-major in professional aviation flight technology and also aviation management. She is representing the university’s Air Race Classic team, Flying Sycamores, along with another pilot. The race was originally scheduled for 2020, but it was postponed due to the COVID-19 pandemic.

The Air Race Classic (ARC) is an annual transcontinental air race for female pilots. Race routes are approximately 2,400 statute miles in length, and the contestants are usually given four days to finish, flying in daylight hours. Each plane is assigned a handicap speed – and the goal is to have the actual ground speed be as far over the handicap speed as possible. The team that has the greatest margin between its handicap and finishing time is the winner.

The 2022 ARC began in Lakeland, Fla. and concludes in Terre Haute, Ind., which is the home to ISU. The race began on June 21 and will finish on June 24, with 53 teams signed up. It is expected that the Flying Sycamores plane will fly over Sappington Road and I-270 on its way toward Terre Haute today.Visit to learn more about the race and follow along.

At LHS, Reed was an editor-in-chief of the Spirit yearbook, National Honor Society member, ultimate frisbee club team member (winning two state championships) and one of two individuals who acted as "Lucky Lindy," the school mascot.