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Inclusion, Equity and Diversity Update: Oct. 4, 2021

Oct. 4, 2021

This was the Inclusion, Equity and Diversity Committee's first meeting of the 2021-22 school year, and first meeting under the direction of Dr. Jeremy Mapp, director of inclusion, equity and diversity.

Dr. Mapp introduced himself to the group and reviewed the district's equity mission, which is: "Lindbergh Schools is committed to creating and maintaining an equitable and inclusive community of belonging where all stakeholders are treated with dignity. We strive to uphold high academic standards for all students through inclusive classroom instruction, professional learning and sustainable relationships with our community."

Following a brief introduction, the committee worked in subgroups to discuss work in the following areas: academic access and curriculum, policy, human resources and professional learning, and communication. Each subcommittee discussed how their area of work supports the district's equity mission, what voices are missing from the conversation, and next steps.

Lindbergh's efforts around inclusion, equity and diversity are led by the district's teaching and learning department, in cooperation with our Inclusion, Equity and Diversity Committee.

The committee's next meeting is scheduled for Monday, Feb. 7.