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Board of Education Approves Perfect Audit Report

Nov. 11, 2020

Independent CPA auditing firm Fick, Eggemeyer & Williamson presented a clean audit for Lindbergh Schools at the Nov. 10 Board of Education meeting. Missouri law states that an audit of all financial, transportation, and attendance records must be completed every two years in public school districts. Lindbergh chooses to bring in an independent firm every year to audit the district’s books. This was the first year the audit was performed by Fick, Eggemeyer & Williamson.

“We take pride in our district’s long tradition of fiscal responsibility, but validation from a third-party, independent auditor is a reassuring confirmation that our business practices are sound,” said Mike Shamia, board president.

Lindbergh has a 26-year tradition of receiving the best audit opinion a school district can get, dating back to 1994. The “unmodified rating” simply means the audit did not find any instances of noncompliance or deficiencies.

“An independent auditor who is not regularly engaged as an employee of the school district performs the  examination and ensures it is made in accordance with generally accepted auditing standards, including such reviews and tests of the system of internal check and control and of the books, records and other underlying data.” said Joël Cracchiolo, Chief Financial Officer. “This positive feedback reaffirms for us that we are operating the district’s budget with a high level of accountability and responsibility.”