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Foundation Grants Help Fund Innovative Teachers

Jan. 17, 2020

The Lindbergh Schools Foundation continued its annual support of original, inventive teaching ideas on Jan. 16, awarding several Lindbergh educators with 2019 Lindbergh Schools Foundation Teacher Grants. The foundation funded 65 grant applications this year, including 13 from Concord Elementary School.

The Lindbergh Schools Foundation teacher grant fund was created to support grants for Lindbergh Schools teachers who propose innovative and engaging classroom projects to elevate instruction and learning to the next level. Since 2008, the foundation has awarded 268 grants to Lindbergh teachers totaling more than $114,000.

The grants are funded by the iDrive program, Thank-a-Teacher program, online mini-auctions and direct donations from supporters. Teachers who win grants are surprised in their classrooms with a visit from the foundation’s very own prize parade.

For more information on the grants awarded and how our grants are funded, please visit the Lindbergh Schools Foundation website.

2019 Lindbergh Schools Foundation Teacher Grant recipients:

Lindbergh High School

  • Justin Schoemehl - Career Explorations
  • Ed Perniciaro - Academy Internship
  • Mary Grobe - Lindbergh Academy Oculus Quest VR
  • Mark Pfeiffer - Fresco Painting
  • Jenn Witzig - Color Cycle
  • Brittany Kennedy - Literacy Pour Tous! (for all!)

Sperreng Middle School

  • Corey Paffrath - Bringing Ideas to Live with 3D Printing
  • Beth Hausner and Pam Gordon - International Flags
  • Kim Onder - VR for GOOD
  • Chad Lembach, Jessica Parker, Christy Fletcher, Kim Onder, Bryan Hilton and Robin Vallis - Adult CPR Dummies
  • Eric Robb - Virtual Reality for 3D Print Design
  • Jennifer Syrett - Express Yourself: Show the World Who You Are!
  • Bill Murphy - Math Ninjas

Truman Middle School

  • Michelle Frank and Mary Deery - Flexible Seating for Flyers Success!
  • Brittany Solomon - Diverse Libraries Encourage Empathy
  • Lauren Maschmann - I Might Bend, But I Won’t Break: Building SEL in the Gifted Student
  • Katie Kirchhoff - Assistive Technology for Struggling Readers
  • David Clark - Entrepreneurship
  • Tricia Miller - All Things Clean and Bright
  • Rhonda LaChance - Focused with Flexible Seating
  • Megan Vallis - Read and Ride!

Concord Elementary School

  • Amy Tilley and Christine Bushman - MicroBITS Making LOADS of Impact
  • Peggy Cooksey - We See You
  • Ann Gastreich - Puzzling our way Through STEM
  • Paula Graef - Walking Wednesdays
  • Anna Martin - Culturally Diverse Classroom!
  • Tammy Russell - Family Identities and Diversity
  • Colleen Hooper, Emily Fowler, Hannah Shaughnessey, Alicia Tullock and MariKate Schrick - Building Empathy One Book at a Time!
  • Lisa Carson - Bilingual Parent Library
  • Teri Keutzer - Quiet Time Privacy Cubes

Crestwood Elementary School

  • Meredith Labadie - Engaging Teachers, Students and Parents in Diversity
  • Beth Bridwell - Crestwood Community Garden
  • Michael Guehring - Book Bins and Flexible Seating
  • Patti Haberberger - Comprehension Support and Manipulatives for Students Identified with Reading Deficiencies

Dressel Elementary School

  • Claire Flesch - Diverse Toys Project
  • Molly Declue - Relaxation Station
  • Katie Cunniff - Connecting Readers to Texts
  • Laura Howard - No Tears Reading
  • Karen Czaicki - Hold a Hologram
  • Mij Lembeck - Awesome Osmo Learning

Kennerly Elementary School

  • Emily Horn - We Need Diverse Books!
  • Debbie Sobeck - Flexible Seating Classroom

Long Elementary School

  • Noelle Kellermann - Motivating Multimodal Musicanship
  • Sara Levine - Windows and Mirrors

Sappington Elementary School

  • Natalie Gragnani and Crissy Mertzlufft - Windows and Mirrors
  • Rebecca Keller - All are Welcome
  • Sarah Porté - Playground Project
  • Stefanie Giacopelli and Amy Kraft - Closing the Gap: Speech and Language Response to Intervention tools for at-risk students
  • Jillian Skouby, Stefanie Giacopelli and Dorinda Busby - R&R Room Revamped
  • Alyssa Sontag and Chelsey Meyer - Reaching All Readers: Sappington Guided Reading Books
  • Erin Griffin - Tea with Teachers
  • Amanda Timmerman - More Books, More Interest in Reading
  • Chris Stevens - Sappington Regeneration Station
  • Mary Driemeyer - Simple Machines in Physical Education

Lindbergh Early Childhood Education

  • Susan Brand - Flexible Seating in the Literacy Area
  • Janice Schultz - Learning Through Games
  • Shirley Phillips - STEM Manipulatives
  • Lisa Janis - Flexible Seating In ECE

Elementary LEAP

  • Mary Blackwell - Building with Bloxels: Expressing Learning Through Video Game Design
  • Tommie Anderson, Sheri Strebler, Mary Blackwell, Nicole Gordon and Mike Kuhn - 360° Camera