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Creating a More Secure Lindbergh High School

August 29, 2018

Lindbergh Schools is making plans to improve safety for Lindbergh High School students and staff this year by creating a single point of entry for classroom buildings during school hours. LHS parents, students and teachers met with administrators in August to learn more about the installation of a perimeter fence that will limit outside access, and provide valuable feedback as the project moves forward.

“We have created a single point of entry in all of our other Lindbergh schools, because that is the proven safest thing to do,” said Superintendent Dr. Tony Lake. “Now, we also must make LHS as secure as possible for the near future.”

As the community begins to have discussions about long-term solutions to make LHS as safe as possible, the Lindbergh administration and Board of Education understand the importance of putting immediate safeguards in place to keep students safe now, and in the future.

Students, staff, parents and community members voiced approval for the installation of a perimeter fence on the LHS campus during an LHS Safety Committee meeting in August. The fence would include gates that allow students to exit the campus in case of emergency, but do not allow entry from the outside. It will also include features to allow for deliveries and vehicle access where needed, and would allow the campus’ central corridor to be open during athletic events.

The solution, which is cost-effective and quick to install, limits access to classroom buildings by directing all visitors through one main entrance near the school’s attendance office. That entrance will be outfitted with a security camera and a buzz-in system identical to those in all other Lindbergh schools.