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Concord Students Create Musical Instruments

May 15, 2018

Concord Elementary School students Kate Basler, Shane Farrow, Aiden Vojka, Heidi Hunter, Anita Mujkanovic, Lexi Shrum and Stella Ortwerth displayed their original instrument creations at the Sheldon Concert Hall Gallery as part of this year's Sheldon SOLID Music Project. These students’ instruments were on display alongside other student selections from across the St. Louis area.

All Concord fourth-grade students participated in the Science of Learning Instrument Design (SOLID) Program this year, and created original, unique musical instruments using art, science, technology, engineering and math skills. As part of the program, the Science Center came to Concord to demonstrate the science of sound. Then, students saw a performance at the Sheldon showing how the various string, wind, and percussion instruments create sound pitches.

In class, students explored a variety of instruments and learned how they create sounds. They also explored newly created unusual instruments and followed the engineering model to design, build, test, improve, and create and play their new, unique musical instruments.